Reclaimed Medium Terracotta Pot

Reclaimed Medium Terracotta Pot

SKU: VC3041D

31cm High x 30cm Wide x 30cm Deep - Please note sizes vary slightly. 


Reclaimed Terracotta Pot 


All of our reclaimed terracotta pots were salvaged from an old closed down pottery in rural Indonesia. All pieces were made as show pieces to demonstrate the capabilites of the factory. They have sat in the sun and rain for the last 50 years. As a result they have aged beautifully. 

As each piece is different in shape and condition, we have taken extra care to photgraph each pot in detail. As always you are more than welcome to visit us to see them in person. Some will have flaws, such as cracks or chips but we just think that adds to their unique charm. 

There are only a limited number and once they've gone that's it! 

We can't say that these pots are frost proof due to their age but we can guarantee they have plenty of character. 


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